I’m offering you a better way to build your product. It’s a way free from unnecessary risk and failure. You may have read the Lean Startup. That’s Great! It doesn’t answer all the questions though. I’m here to help you build your MVP and get it off the ground.

You might or might not be a startup. You might be a part of a big company. Chances are, though, that you are under-funded and under pressure to deliver results. You’re probably falling back on your habit of upfront planning on a bet-the-company project. I’m going to tell you why that won’t work. And, more importantly, I’m going to tell you what you can do instead.

When the startup I worked for was acquired in 2010, we took the opportunity to start doing real agile development. You probably think that this is going to be a story about how big of a disaster that was. Spoiler: It actually worked! In fact, our director (from the big acquirer) said our next release was the first project he’d seen come in on time. Of course, this means the corporate immune system had to shut it down.

Does this sound familiar? Does it make you feel just a little bit hopeless? Angry? Probably. It’s ok, that’s just how big projects work. It’s also why bet-the-company is usally a bad bet and why Lean Startup is so important.

You’re expecting a solution right now. That’s fair. I did promise one. This is going to be a long journey, but, I hope, it will be a fruitful one. Please, join me.

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12 October 2016